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Automobile modified automatic gear with button gear shift head, car aluminum alloy with button gear shift gear head gear head

Founded in 2004, Ruian Xingchang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is located in China auto parts motorcycle parts center, Tangxia Town, Ruian City. We are one of the most advanced and professional license plate frame manufacturers.

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Ruian Xingchang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is located in Tangxia Town, Ruian City, China Auto Parts and Motorcycle Parts Center. We are one of the most advanced and professional license plate frame manufacturers.

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Material: aluminum alloy

Applicable models: manual transmission automatic transmission

Suitable for models: all models (universal modified parts)

Accessories: Comes with three gears of 0.31inch, 0.39inch, 0.47inch diameter rubber ring accessories + 3 mounting screws + 1 special wrench, suitable for most models on the market, using spiral rubber ring design, installation is simpler , It is more stable, only suitable for the use of the gear lever is round. For the flat shape, please contact the owner to introduce the suitable gear head.

[Manual gear: the file can not be used to lift up]

[Automatic transmission: the gear headband button cannot be used]


This gearshift head is suitable for most automatic / manual models. About the situation that the dust cover of the gearshift head of the original car cannot be completely put on after installation. This gearshift head is a modified part. The structure of the gearbox dust cover of each car is different. It is impossible for the modified gearhead to be compatible with the structure design of the dust cover of all models, unless it is the original gearbox head dedicated to the special car . Therefore, it is normal for the dust cover to be too long or too short after installation, whether you buy any modified gear head in any one. Customers who cannot accept similar problems, please purchase with caution!

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