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Founded in 2004, Ruian Xingchang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is located in China auto parts motorcycle parts center, Tangxia Town, Ruian City. We are one of the most advanced and professional license plate frame manufacturers.

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Ruian Xingchang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is located in Tangxia Town, Ruian City, China Auto Parts and Motorcycle Parts Center. We are one of the most advanced and professional license plate frame manufacturers.

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D1 hood lock / D1 invisible hood lock / modified hood lock / head hood lock / universal racing hood lock

Weight: 419g

Colour: Black

Model: D1 cover lock

Brand: D1

Size: length 5.03inch, width 2.67inch, this product comes in a pair.

Installation: need to punch holes to fix your hood.

Material: hard plastic + aluminum alloy

Features: The cover lock of the general car is a one-point design, which is not very strong and can be opened as soon as it is touched. Therefore, it needs to be replaced with this pull-out type racing cover lock, which tightly locks the engine cover like a bolt, and will not be opened even after a violent impact. For professional rally cars, the hood lock must be added.

Description: A car front cover lock that can not only ensure safety, but also meet the convenience of the switch. It is characterized by a rotatable lock hook on the right side of the lock body. This lock hook has an upper hook and a lower hook. The guide sleeve is equipped with a compression spring and a positioning pin. The positioning pin closes the switch plug and the lever. The lever is connected to the switch link and the pull wire, picking, picking and fitting in the cab, the lock body The left side is designed with a locking pawl. When the front cover of the car is pressed down, the lock hook rotates around the lock 45 ° and firmly hooks the lock. The positioning pin is forcibly pushed into the positioning hole by the compression spring. When the lock hook is hooked, the lower part of the pawl in the lock is also controlled by the switch link, forming a long-closed state, which achieves the purpose of safety and reliability. When it is about to be opened, it pulls the handle and moves the switch link. Pull the lever, pull out the positioning pin, and force the lock to be pushed out of the lock body by opening the tension spring, which meets the conditions of convenient and flexible opening.

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D1 cover lock

D1 cover lock

D1 cover lock

D1 cover lock

D1 cover lock

D1 cover lock

D1 cover lock

D1 cover lock

D1 cover lock

D1 cover lock


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