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Choose The Best License Plate Frame For Your Car

Dec. 16, 2020

Choose The Best License Plate Frame For Your Car

Time to upgrade a broken, faded license plate frame? Toss that chrome piece of plastic and read on for tips on how to choose the best license plate frame for your vehicle. The license plate frame manufacturer will share this article.

1. Check your installation method

Us and Canadian plates are mounted through 2 or 4 mounting holes. The number of mounting holes varies depending on the brand and model of the vehicle, so check the vehicle first and then select a license plate frame with a matching number of mounting holes.

2. Choose durable frame materials

The rear of the vehicle is an extremely harsh environment - snow, sunlight, salt, and debris can wreak havoc on the paint and interior.

Stainless steel frames are more durable than plastic or chrome and can complement a vehicle's interior without rust or wear. Carbon fiber is also the perfect choice for a high-performance car or for anyone looking for a luxurious look.

Skip chrome and plastic license plate frames. These cheap options may seem attractive upfront, but they break down quickly even in the mildest of sunshine, weather, and car-washing conditions.

Stainless steel has a variety of durable finish effects that mimic the look of chromium without cracking.

3. Prevent license plate vibration and paint damage

Premium frames, such as those purchased from dealerships, auto OEMs, or other authorized retailers, include specially manufactured gaskets that can create a barrier between your vehicle and the license plate.

The barrier protects your vehicle's paint, preventing vibration and the removal of harmful debris that would otherwise gather behind the frame.

4. Select your frame style

Be sure to check with your local DMV before selecting the frame style. The laws covering a state's name or motto vary from state to state. Also, consider the location of your registration tags to ensure that they are not overwritten.

License Plate Frame

5. Choose the right frame finish for your decoration

Whether you want a license plate to stand out from the crowd or just to provide a subtle decorative effect, there are a variety of frame finishes to choose from.

Keep in mind that the finish is only as good as the base frame material used - sticking to stainless steel or carbon fiber.

6. Upgrade and install hardware

The type of fasteners required for the vehicle will vary by vehicle manufacturer and model, but it is worth upgrading to stainless steel hardware if possible. Stainless steel does not rust or corrode, thus protecting the rear of the vehicle from damage.

7. Put the finishing touches

Stainless steel hardware can be used on its own, but if you want to mask ugly hardware, or if you want to get a better look.

The traditional hardware hider cap is pressed down by the mounting hardware and quickly closed to cover the screw head.

Tighten the stainless steel security cap with a special tool to prevent license plate theft.

8. Install the license plate frame


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