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Do You Know Tire Screw?

Apr. 30, 2021

Do You Know Tire Screw?

License plate frame manufacturers will share this article with you.

We can always see the tire wrenches tightened with both hands. If the strength of both hands is not enough, we still step on it with our feet. Although it can be tightened very tightly without loosening, excessive force can cause cracks inside the screw. Time use may cause the screw to break.

Many car owners know how to replace the spare tire, but there is also a problem that most people overlook, that is the torque of the tire screws.

Tire screw torque is a very unfamiliar concept to many car owners, but in fact, this concept is very important.

Generally speaking, every screw has a certain torque requirement, especially for bolts used to carry huge weight, there will be strict corresponding torque requirements, tire screws are one of them.

However, we can always see the irregular actions of tightening the tire screws-tightening the tire wrench with both arms, many people step on it with their feet because they are afraid of insufficient arm strength.

It is true that the screw can be tightened tightly without loosening, but it is usually due to excessive use of force, which exceeds the design pressure of the screw, the elongated thread caused by internal cracks, and the excessive use of force on the thread will appear for a long time. Use or sudden use of violence may cause the screw to break.

Hidden dangers of car wheel screws: The first problem is that the sudden disconnection of the screw may cause the wheel to throw. The higher the speed and the violent bumps, the greater the pressure on the tire screws, and the "health" of the tire itself becomes extremely important.

Tire Screw

There have been many painful cases caused by unqualified wheel screws. Therefore, the quality of the small tire screw is very important.

The tires and wheel bolts of different models and brands require different torques. The specific torques are generally indicated in the vehicle user manual.

At the same time, it is very important for tire screws to have requirements for manufacturing strength and material hardness. The general strength value of the hub screw quality standard is above 10.9. In other words, no one can screw the tire screws. Don't change it randomly because of its fancy appearance and novel style. This is the same as those with only appearance but no quality. The hidden dangers of inferior wheels are the same.


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