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How To Check The Fuel Filter?

Jun. 12, 2021

How To Check The Fuel Filter?

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The fuel filter is a simple device installed in the fuel system to filter pollutants. Usually, it is a metal or plastic tank containing a filter element. The fuel enters the filter from the fuel tank and comes out clean and can be used in the engine.

Fuel filters have always existed in the history of internal combustion engines. The early filters were small plastic tanks. This design is suitable for the engine at that time. Since the fuel passes through the filter at low pressure, a complicated or high-strength device is not required.

Today, the design of fuel filters is slightly different. With the introduction of direct injection engines, a filter is needed that can withstand high-pressure levels in the fuel system. Therefore, modern filters are more powerful in many ways.

How important is the fuel filter to my car?

This small device can help your car's engine run in its best condition and can maintain it for a long time. By filtering contaminants, the fuel filter plays a role in protecting the engine.

How to check the fuel filter?

Symptoms of fuel filter failure may indicate problems such as clogging or filter element damage. However, they are not the final result, and you may need to check the filter itself. How to check whether the fuel filter is damaged or clogged? Some fuel filter types are characterized by a transparent plastic casing. Others will have a window that allows you to view the internal components.

By observing the medium, you can know the severity of clogged pores. If the media changes color and is covered by visible debris, consider replacing the fuel filter. For some filters, this can be as simple as replacing the filter element. For others, this means replacing the entire device.

Another way to judge the quality of a fuel filter is to measure fuel pressure. This is done with a pressure gauge. If the filter is severely clogged, the pressure gauge will record a large pressure drop.

A less traditional but still useful method is to observe the fuel flow when the engine is running. To perform this test, you have to disconnect the fuel line to the oil filter, but only on the engine side. Then someone starts and runs the engine, and you observe the fuel filter flowing out.

This fuel filter test can give you an idea of the degree of restriction of the filter media. If there is not enough fuel flow, it means that the filter is clogged. Now you know what the problem is that causes symptoms such as power outages and poor startup.

When to replace the fuel filter?

The broken fuel filter needs to be replaced. Although some people may try to repair the damaged filter by cleaning it, this may not be a good idea. In addition, most fuel filters are not expensive equipment. They also last a long time, and installing a new one will not bring you unhealthy costs.

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