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Installation Guide For License Plate Frame

Dec. 10, 2020

Installation Guide For License Plate Frame

1.Remove the license plate from the car

Unscrew the license plate from the car.

Useful tip: If you have plastic inserts for screws in your car, sometimes the screws get stuck in them and they rotate to prevent them from coming off. The easiest way to solve this problem is to take a one-word screwdriver, push it into the hole in the plate where the screw is located, and hold the plastic plug in your direction of rotation as you unscrew the main screw. Be careful not to scratch the car!

2.Ready to reinstall the board

Clean both sides of the plate with a soft wet cloth and dry thoroughly.

Choose a 6mm or 9mm foam pad and stick a piece next to each hole and near the outside edge of the plate.

Useful tip: the 6mm foam will keep the plate frame firmly attached to the car body when you tighten the screws. This is the best option, but if you want to leave some space between the frame and the car, you can use a 9mm foam. If there are only two holes to connect the plate to the car, we recommend using 6mm foam. If you do use 9mm foam on the two-hole plate attachment, only gently tighten the screw, as excessive tightening will cause the plate bottom to extend beyond the top. If you want to try it, you can always start at 6mm, and if it fits your requirements, then all is well. If you want to try the 9mm, do not remove the 6mm. Just paste 9mm on the other side of the hole near the outer edge of the back of the license plate. If the 9mm is too much, it can be peeled off at any time, but the 6mm remains on the board.

3.Two or four holes

If your car has only two holes that can be fixed to the plate, complete this step. If it has four holes to fix the plate, jump to step 4.

To cover the holes in the car where screws cannot be placed, you will need two 8mm screws (the shortest in the package), four washers, two low locknuts, and two nut washers.

Pass a screw through two flat washers and then through a nut washer so that the head of the screw fits inside the washer.

Install the license plate into the new license frame from the back.

From the front, pass the screw and its upper gasket and nut gasket ring through the holes in the license plate and plate, and then place the lock nut on the screw from the back of the plate. Loosen slightly and repeat through the other hole.

Aim the license plate evenly on the inside of the frame and tighten it tightly. Do not over-tighten.

4.Connect to the car

Before you cover the license plate, determine which screws are suitable for use on your car. You can choose to use the screws that come with the car to make sure they actually fit, or you can choose from the stainless steel screws that come with the accessory pack to match your car's size and thread style. Test the new screw before covering the license plate. If the screw is not easy to install, do not force it into the hole.

Pass one of the screws through the nut washer so that the head of the screw fits inside the washer.

If you have not completed Step 3, install the license plate into the license holder from the back.

From the front, the screw and the cap screw are threaded through the hole in the license plate frame and then tightened into the hole in the car. Loosen slightly and repeat the other holes.

Align the plates evenly inside the plate frame and on the car, then tighten them tightly. Do not over-tighten.

5.Wear a screw cap

Remove the four nuts and clamp them on top of the screw cap washer.

License Plate Frame

Useful tip: If you need to remove the nut cap, twist and pull with your fingers. If they are tightly screwed, take a slotted screwdriver and push it gently into the rim of the screw cap to ensure that the plate frame is not scratched. To do this, you can even place a very thin piece of cloth over the screwdriver, although you need to push a bit to get an edge under the lid. Tighten and repeat the other side of the screw cap.

6.Give it a polish

If your jurisdiction requires this, repeat the above steps for the previous license plate.

Useful tip: The front license plate may not need foam pads if the front license plate has a special license plate holder attached to the bumper. Always test the placement location before connecting.

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