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Learn about Car Wheel Screws

Nov. 25, 2020

Car Wheel Screws are screws that are mounted on the hub of a wheel and connect the wheel, brake disc (brake drum), and wheel hub. Their purpose is to reliably connect the wheels, brake discs (drums), and hubs together. As you know, the weight of the car is ultimately borne by the wheels, and it is through these screws that the connection between the wheels and the body is made. So, these tire screws, which in fact carry the weight of the vehicle and transmit the torque from the transmission to the wheels, are subjected to both tensile and shear forces in their operation.

1. What should we pay attention to when disassembling car wheel screws?

When disassembling, be sure to loosen the diagonal evenly so that the wrench is perpendicular to the tire screw to avoid bending moment of the tire screw, which may cause the screw to break. When installing, pay attention to diagonal installation, and evenly tighten the diagonals. Do not tighten all at once, let alone install the screws on one side of the wheel, so as to make the screws evenly stressed and avoid deformation of the rim. After the jack is dropped and the wheel hits the ground, use a torque wrench to tighten the tire screw to the specified torque, usually between 15 and 20 kg force. If the screw is too loose, the screw will easily loosen, and if it is too tight, the rim will be tightly deformed. It even causes the screw to stretch and break. If there is no torque wrench, the average adult man only needs to hold one end of the tire wrench with both hands and try his best to tighten it. This force is enough.

Car Wheel Screws

Tire screws in the fastening try not to use the wind gun fastening, this wind gun general torque is too high, will lead to tire screw stretching, even stretching to the yield point of the tire screws, leading to irreversible plastic deformation of the tire screws, so that the tire screws can no longer be tight, must be replaced. There is the tire screws do not repeat multiple disassemblies, each disassembly is an injury to the threads, the friction between the bolt and the nut will become less and less, the self-locking effect of the bolt or even disappear, the tire screws will not be tight, general disassembly more than ten times the recommended replacement of the tire screws. There is the tire screws do not apply grease, so that although the future disassembly of the easy, the grease will reduce the friction between the threads, reducing the self-locking effect of the screws, resulting in an increase in the possibility of screw loosening.

2.What if a car wheel screw won't come off?

When we have a flat tire and need to replace the spare tire, we often encounter a very embarrassing thing: the original tire screws will not work, and with all the effort the screws will not budge. So what should we do then? Experienced mechanics would simply think to find a piece of steel pipe to use as a sleeve and attach it to the handle of the wrench to increase the force arm.

However, for car owners, it was obvious that the steel pipe approach was not practical. We can only use other methods to save the situation. Many owners, in a hurry, will just stand on the wrench and jump, trying to use their weight and impact to loosen the screws, and there are even many veteran drivers who teach novice drivers this. But here's the thing to point out: this operation can be dangerous! And not correctly. Because of this operation, the wrench could slip out and fly out at any time. The screws could easily break!

Make full use of the tool we carry in the original car - the jack. We can start by putting a wrench on a screw that won't budge and set it steady. Then put the jack directly under the wrench handle and shake the jack to make it rise slowly.

As long as the screws are loose for 1~2 turns, we can not continue to move the screws, we then raise the vehicle until the tire is off the ground, then we can use our hands to unscrew all the screws, the wheel can fall to the ground in response to the sound. Sometimes the aluminum wheel will stick to the steel axle, and the wheel will not move on the axle even if all the screws are removed, then we can kick the wheel and it will be completely loose. Finally, when installing the spare tire, just remember to tighten the screws in the diagonal order.

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