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Signs of a Clogged Fuel Filter

Sep. 02, 2020

Fuel Filter

All vehicles, regardless of engine type (traditional or diesel), have a fuel filter that cleans the oil before it reaches the engine.This dirty work makes the filter particularly prone to debris accumulation, helping to look at warning signs when clogged and dispose of them as quickly as possible.

Engine failure

The most common sign of a clogged fuel filter is the inability to start the car, as this will drain the supply of oil into the engine. Although a dirty fuel filter can cause difficulty in ignition, a completely clogged filter will completely fail and the engine will not start.

Issues Accelerating

If you step on the accelerator to accelerate but the speed does not change, it may be that the car air inlet filter is dirty.

Frequent idling and splashing

In many cases, the engine will start normally, but will shut down when you try to stop. This means that you have enough oil to pass through the filter when you are driving, but it will weaken when the car is idling.

In addition, if the car splashes water at low speeds, the fuel filter may be slightly clogged, which indicates that the need to replace the filter element is imminent.

Strong smell

If your car's exhaust gives off heavy smoke, it could be a sign that your fuel filter is dirty.It could also mean that other disruptive problems are at work.In any case, odors mean you should check with a professional as soon as possible.

Engine fire/poor performance

Usually, a weak fuel filter can cause an engine to catch fire.In this case, a quick cleaning will help, but you may also need a complete replacement.In addition, new filters may be required if fuel efficiency starts to decline or if engine performance is abnormal/abnormal.

Note: Even without these symptoms, a quick quality check can be performed by removing and blowing into the fuel filter.If air passes through, it is a good habit.If not, they need to be replaced.

When to replace the fuel filter

Although the user manual will provide you with precise and detailed information, a custom license plate frame supplier recommends replacing the fuel filter every five years or 50,000 miles. On the other hand, many mechanics consider this estimate to be too extreme and recommend cleaning or replacing it every 10,000 miles. Since this small part is the main responsibility, making changes regularly should be a priority.


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