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5 Signs That You Need a New Fuel Filter

Mar. 12, 2021

5 Signs That You Need a New Fuel Filter

The fuel filter may not attract the enthusiasm of many car enthusiasts, but its function is essential to the health of your car. Without a filter, your fuel may be contaminated with all kinds of dirt, including dirt and paint chips. The filter not only helps protect your fuel pump and injector but also plays an important role to ensure that you achieve the highest possible fuel efficiency. For many people, it is easy to forget the importance of the fuel filter, and it takes too long before replacing it with a new one.

This is one of the basic maintenance tasks. Although it is easy to be delayed, it is necessary and definitely worth doing. If your fuel flow is reduced because foreign particles are not filtered out, then you risk reducing engine performance because it will not be able to absorb fuel freely, just as it hopes. Therefore, it must be noted that it is time to replace the filter. Here are the five signs:

The crumbling engine idling

If you are sitting in front of red light and the engine feels very unstable, then this may mean that you are experiencing some kind of fuel flow inhibition, most likely due to a clogged filter.


Of course, there are countless reasons that can cause your engine to fail to start. But if your engine can't absorb oil, this may be one of the reasons. If you have noticed the symptoms of a fuel distribution problem before it does not activate, then this will make your fuel filter more suspicious when trying to find the culprit.

Hard start

If you are experiencing partial blockage rather than a full blockage, your car may still be able to start, but this is not necessarily without a struggle. At this point, you need to ensure that the problem is resolved quickly, so as not to find yourself in trouble after the filter has completely failed.

The engine stalled on the road

If your car seems to have a fuel distribution problem, and then suddenly you find yourself trapped on your shoulder, this is most likely a filter problem.

Struggling at low speed

If your engine seems to be able to accept fuel on the highway, but when you drive out of the lane, or when you start refueling after the green light comes on, your engine will shake, then this is another sign that it may It is a filter.

The fuel filter is a key part of this system because it protects your engine from harmful debris. The fuel filter can filter dirt and rust particles in the fuel to prevent them from entering the engine and causing damage. If the debris enters the engine, even tiny rust particles will cause unnecessary wear and tear on engine components and damage the entire system.

In today's vehicles, the fuel filter is more important because modern designs include a strict fuel system, especially when compared to the engines of 10 years ago. Unfiltered fuel may contain a lot of pollution such as paint chips, dirt, and rust. These contaminants must be removed to prevent accelerated wear and eventual failure of fuel pumps and injectors. Particles can cause great damage to the abrasiveness of the high-precision components of the fuel injection system, and eventually cause unnecessary costs.

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