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The Benefits Of Installing a Spoiler On Your Car

Jul. 07, 2021

The Benefits Of Installing a Spoiler On Your Car

First appeared in cars in the 70s, the spoiler has become a popular additional feature, found in a variety of different vehicle types. Although many people think this is just a simple style element, there are actually several benefits to having a spoiler for your car.

How does a car spoiler work?

The car has a spoiler to increase its control over the road. Normally, the weight of the car is the only factor that forces the tires to fall on the road. Without a spoiler, the only way to increase the grip is to increase the weight or replace the tire material. The only problem with adding the weight is that it doesn't help where you really want to grab. All extra weight has inertia, you have to overcome inertia to turn, so adding the weight doesn't help at all. The spoiler works like the wings of an airplane, only upside down. The spoiler actually produces the so-called "downforce" on the body.

The overall purpose of installing a spoiler on your vehicle is to make it more aerodynamic. Most spoilers are rear-oriented, however, some can be added to the front or roof of vehicles as well. Depending on the spoiler you have and its location, adding one to your car can have different effects on your car's performance.

The biggest impact of the spoiler on the vehicle is to improve traction. The spoiler creates better airflow around and above the car, and creates downforce, increasing the grip of your vehicle on the road. Due to the increased traction, it becomes easier to control the vehicle without increasing the weight of the vehicle.



The benefits of adding a spoiler to your vehicle

The additional benefits of having a spoiler on your car include helping your car’s braking stability. Even when driving at higher speeds, the driver of a vehicle with a spoiler often has an easier time braking, making adding a spoiler a safer option.

Your vehicle can also experience improved fuel efficiency, especially if your vehicle has a front spoiler or air dam. These spoilers push the air around the car, reducing its resistance. Since there is less resistance to your car, it needs less power to propel your car forward, increasing its efficiency.

Adding a spoiler to your vehicle also helps increase the braking stability of your car. The spoiler increases the downward force to increase the traction and braking ability on the back of the car. Even at higher speeds, the driver has an easier time to brake and an additional spoiler makes driving even safer.

Adding a spoiler will also affect fuel efficiency. This is especially true for cars that have a front spoiler or air dam. These types of spoilers push air around the car and reduce drag. Therefore, cars need to use less energy and fuel to propel themselves forward.

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