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The Purpose Of Car Spoilers

Jun. 24, 2021

The Purpose Of Car Spoilers

Have you heard of a car spoiler? Maybe never, because it hasn't been really mentioned by many people. However, it has its own function in the car.

Have you ever wondered why some cars, especially racing cars and sports cars, have a wing-like structure at the rear part of the car? Is it useful or is it just an aesthetic car accessory? This upside-down wing-shaped component present in most race cars is called a spoiler.

It is usually installed at the end of the roof at the rear of the vehicle. Initially, it was created by the manufacturer for the purpose of speeding up the car.

Today, it is now used as a popular car accessory on some high-performance vehicles.

1. Uses and functions of spoilers

Improve fuel efficiency

The fascia and dam are also in the form of spoilers in the front part of the vehicle. These items can promote air circulation. It guides the head above the wind, below and around the car hood. It allows the vehicle to spend less energy to propel, thereby reducing fuel use.

Greatly improved traction

The main purpose of the spoiler is to increase the downforce when the vehicle is traveling at high speed. Take a sports car as an example, it usually has a small amount of lift when cruising. This makes people feel that the car’s tires are falling off the road.



The spoiler captures the airflow and causes more downforce on the car. In turn, it allows vehicles to grip the road more tightly.

It makes the vehicle more visible

Spoilers became popular in the 1970s, led by the Porsche 911 and other models. However, it has become widespread, not only because the spoiler looks cool, but also because it increases visibility at the rear of the car.

This allows you to approach the vehicle from behind and better see the vehicle in front. This increased visibility works better with the spoiler equipped with brake lights.

Can reduce vehicle weight

You might think that adding a car accessory will only increase rather than decrease weight. You are right, but in the case of a spoiler, it indirectly reduces the weight of the aircraft.

This is because the spoiler at the rear part of the car improves the downforce. In addition to the front spoiler, which reduces drag, automakers use lighter components that are not as heavy.

2. The benefits of adding a spoiler to your car

Adding a spoiler to your vehicle also helps increase the braking stability of your car. The spoiler increases the downward force to increase the traction and braking ability on the back of the car. Even at higher speeds, the driver has an easier time to brake and an additional spoiler makes driving even safer.

Adding a spoiler will also affect fuel efficiency. This is especially true for cars that have a front spoiler or air dam. These types of spoilers push air around the car and reduce drag. Therefore, cars need to use less energy and fuel to propel themselves forward.

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