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What Is a Fuel Filter?

Sep. 17, 2020

Fuel filter has three types: Diesel filter, Fuel Filter, and Gas filter. The function of the fuel filter is to prevent particles, water, and impurities in the fuel, and to ensure that the precision parts of the fuel system are protected from wear and other damage.

working principle

The fuel filter is connected in series on the pipeline between the fuel pump and the throttle body inlet. The function of the fuel filter is to remove solid impurities such as iron oxide and dust contained in the fuel, prevent the fuel system from clogging (especially the fuel injector), reduce mechanical wear, ensure stable engine operation, and improve reliability. The structure of the fuel burner is composed of an aluminum shell and a stainless steel bracket. The bracket is equipped with high-efficiency filter paper sheets, which are chrysanthemum-shaped to increase the circulation area. The EFI filter cannot be used in common with the carburetor filter. Because the EFI filter often bears the fuel pressure of 200-300KPA, the pressure strength of the filter is generally required to reach 500KPA or more, and the carburetor filter does not need to reach such high pressure.

Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter

Different types of fuel filters have different replacement cycles

First of all, the car air inlet filter is divided into different types. For example, the fuel filter of Mazda 6 is built-in and linked to the gasoline pump; while the fuel filter clarifier of Geely Boyue is external. , Can be directly observed from the chassis, so the replacement cycle of the external and built-in fuel filter is definitely different.

How often is the most reasonable replacement of the fuel filter?

Generally, the replacement cycle of the external fuel filter is about 20,000 to 40,000 kilometers, while the built-in fuel filter is between 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers. It is generally not recommended to replace it after 100,000 kilometers. The price of a filter element for filtering fuel is less than 100 yuan, so there is no need to hold it for too long.

When replacing the filter, do not choose a low-quality fuel filter, because the filter element of the inferior fuel filter is made of poor material, which not only has a poor filtering effect, but is soaked in the oil for a long time, and the filter element itself will fall off and block the oil. Road, resulting in insufficient fuel pressure and the vehicle cannot start. At the same time, it will cause abnormal fuel system pressure, which directly leads to insufficient engine power or insufficient combustion, damages valuable components such as the three-way catalyst and oxygen sensor, and causes huge economic losses.

The fuel filter is a consumable, it needs to be replaced and maintained regularly during the use of the vehicle, otherwise, it will not be able to provide qualified protection.


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