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What Is a License Plate Frame?

Oct. 14, 2020

The so-called license plate frame is the shelf where the license plate is placed. It can also be called the license plate frame, the license plate holder, the license plate frame, and the front and rear of the car. According to the material, the license plate frame can be divided into plastic license plate frame, stainless steel license plate frame, aluminum alloy license plate frame, iron license plate frame, zinc alloy license plate frame, titanium alloy license plate frame, magnesium alloy license plate frame, etc. Different materials have different characteristics. ABS plastic, aluminum alloy, and iron license plate frames are the most common and relatively cheap. Stainless steel, black titanium gold, zinc alloy, magnesium-aluminum alloy are easier to use and are not easy to deform and rust. Of course, the price is more expensive.


The car license plate frame is mainly used to fix the license plate, protect the license plate, protect the body, prevent theft, and prevent the body from being damaged by the license plate. Installing the anti-theft screw on the license plate frame can also achieve the anti-theft effect. Some imported car license plate mounting holes are different from the domestic license plate mounting holes, and the license plate holder can also be compatible with the installation of imported car license plates. There are many types of license plate holders, not only to protect the license plate but also to achieve a beautiful effect. Driving on the road is full of personality. Which car owner does not want his car to be more beautiful.


A set of license plate holder includes two front and rear license plate holders, anti-theft, or fixed screws (imported cars also need to be equipped with special brackets for imported cars).


Generally, the license plate holder can be installed by the car owner. For example, the license plate holder with anti-theft screws can be installed or reinstalled at the local auto repair shop.

License Plate Frame

License Plate Frame


According to material

Generally, there are ABS plastic license plate frames, aluminum alloy license plate frames, iron license plate frames, zinc alloy license plate frames, stainless steel license plate frames, black titanium license plate frames, and magnesium-aluminum alloy license plate frames. ABS plastic license plate frame will not rust and easily break; aluminum alloy license plate frame is lighter and easier to break but has good rust prevention effect; iron license plate frame has a strong hardness and is not easy to break, but the rust prevention effect is not ideal; zinc Although the alloy license plate frame will not rust, this material is very soft and easy to break; the stainless steel license plate frame has good brightness, good material toughness, and good rust resistance; the black titanium alloy license plate frame has good material and good hardness. The anti-rust effect is also good; the magnesium-aluminum alloy license plate frame has just become popular in the past two years. It has a beautiful appearance, does not rust, and is not easy to break;

By purpose

Ordinary decorative license plate holders (most commonly used in the market), typed license plate holders (auto clubs, military, vehicle management offices, 4S shops), license plate trays (the kind issued by vehicle management offices), built-in license plate holders, Roller shutter remote control license plate holder, flip license plate holder. (The latter three are not allowed in the market). Typing type license plate holders are the most widely used. Club typing allows everyone to know which car club you belong to. Military vehicle license plate holders also have typed to distinguish which ones are civilian and which are military ones. The license plate holders distributed by vehicle management also have typed. The main is to distinguish which area of the car.


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