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What is Car Spoiler?

Oct. 21, 2020

Before reading the article, let’s understand one thing: a car has high horsepower and good acceleration performance. This conclusion can only be established when the tire and the road have enough adhesion, and the adhesion is linear with the weight of the drive shaft. The role of the spoiler is to provide downforce, increase the weight of the drive shaft, and give the car greater adhesion.

Here I have to mention the tail wing of the aircraft. When the air flows through the wing, the airflow on the upper surface of the wing is faster, and the airflow below the wing is slower due to the greater curvature above the wing. According to Bernoulli's law, when the surface velocity of an object increases, its static pressure decreases, so the air pressure above the wing surface decreases, and the air pressure below the opposite wing surface is larger, so it generates upward lifting force, and the faster the speed, The greater the lift. The shape of a car is similar to that of an airplane wing, so the car is subjected to lift at high speeds. This lift reduces the adhesion between the wheels and the ground, which is what people often call "fat".

In order to solve this problem, the aerodynamics kit appeared. The most obvious role is the car spoiler. The spoiler is actually an inverted tail wing that generates a downward pressing force opposite to the lift. Usually called downforce. The downforce increases the "vehicle weight" to offset the lifting force caused by the car's shape, so that the car has sufficient adhesion at high speeds, reducing the tendency of oversteer, and improving vehicle stability.

Car Spoiler

Car Spoiler

Variable spoiler: Some magical cars, such as Bugatti Veyron and McLaren P1, are equipped with active adaptive spoilers, which will automatically adjust the disturbance according to acceleration, turning, deceleration, and other working conditions The opening and closing angle of the flow plate allows the car to make the most of the air. For example, the drag coefficient of the Bugatti Veyron is 0.35, and in the braking mode, the spoiler can be adjusted to an angle of 70 degrees in 0.4 seconds. , The wind resistance is increased to 0.68, which greatly increases the driving resistance and the rear wheel adhesion. What's more, such as Huayra, can control the spoilers located on both sides of the body separately, so that the car will be closer to the ground when cornering, and the cornering limit will be higher.

The rear wing cannot be installed casually. The rear wing is so effective. Should the car owners install it by themselves? No. First of all, most cars drive mainly on urban roads, and the vehicles simply cannot reach the speed at which the tail wing can play a role. The larger the volume of the vehicle after the tail wing, the greater the low-speed resistance, plus the overall weight of the body. An increase will inevitably lead to an increase in fuel consumption. Furthermore, the tail wing of an ordinary refitting shop may not have been subjected to fluid simulation analysis, and it cannot provide downforce even at high speeds, so the tail wing can only play a role of beauty and weight gain. Therefore, for car owners who really want to improve the performance of their car, I still recommend choosing professional automobile refitting parts .


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