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Why Do Car Wheel Screws Break?

Dec. 04, 2020

Why Do Car Wheel Screws Break?

Generally speaking, car wheel screws have a prescribed torque, but in the actual use of the car, when our tire master or the owner is tightening the screws, the actual torque will be greater than the prescribed torque! Why is this so? One is because they are afraid of loosening the car wheel screws, and the other is there is no tool to adjust the torque. So why do car wheel screws break?

1.When the tire is installed, the torque of the wind cannon is adjusted too high, which causes the tire screws to be elongated and thinner during installation, and the tire screws are cut off one by one due to the turbulence of the vehicle and the torque of the axle shaft during driving. This situation is most likely. Wheel screw suppliers have repeatedly seen tire repairers use wind guns to install tires when the pressure of the air compressor is the highest (the pressure when the air compressor automatically trips is the highest, which can reach more than 15 kg). The screw is directly twisted off.

2.Tire screws are of poor quality, or after a long time of use, when one of the screws is broken, the other screws are stressed, so the screws are broken one by one.

3.Severe overload, or poor road conditions and high speed, causing the car wheel screws to be broken. My semi-trailer used to load a large amount of cargo (more than 90 tons of net cargo) when it was rushing on a V-shaped mountain road. There were potholes on the bottom of the slope, and it was too late to dodge. This caused the entire leaf spring of the trailer to break and the tires An accident in which all the screws were cut.

If you use a torque wrench, the car wheel screws will not be broken. The broken screws are usually tightened with jackhammers in the past. In order to improve efficiency, the jackhammers are adjusted to the maximum torque. The screws are gradually elongated. fracture. Tire quality is related to driving safety. Many people know this common sense, but few people pay attention to the tightening torque of tire screws.

In view of the above possible reasons, the wheel screw manufacturer makes the following suggestions:

1.When installing tires, remind the tire worker to adjust the torque of the wind gun according to the pressure of the air compressor. Sometimes because the pressure of the air compressor is low, the tire worker adjusts the torque of the wind gun to the maximum, but after the air compressor reaches the maximum pressure and automatically trips, the tire worker forgets to adjust the torque of the wind gun again, which causes the tire screw to be elongated and thinned.

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2.When disassembling the tire, pay attention to check the wear of the car wheel screws. If excessive wear or deformation is found, all car wheel screws of the wheel should be replaced in time. It is best to change the tire screws regularly about 5 times when the wheel is disassembled.

3.Slow down when loading more goods or poor road conditions. Check whether the car wheel screws are loose during the journey.

When tightening the car wheel screws, do not oil the nuts, do not over-tighten, and do not under-tighten, and must be tightened in a cross way.


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