Wholesale License Plate Frames

By purchasing these customized license plates in bulk, you can get our greatest price concessions, which can help you further develop and expand your coverage. Our wholesale license plates have a variety of colors and materials for you to choose from, which are very suitable for car dealers, car shops, car wash shops, etc.

Our personalized license plate can be customized according to your logo or selected design, which can play a promotional role.

Types of license plate frames we can provide:

Silicone License Plate Frame

The universal silicone license plate frame is made of the highest quality silicone, which can prevent the body from scratching, and the license plate will not corrode the rust of the car, thereby maintaining the overall beauty of the car. Advantages: Anti-rust, Rain-proof, Weather-proof and Anti-rattle.

Aluminum License Plate Frame

The aluminum license plate frame can withstand any weather conditions, is durable and not easily damaged, so it is very popular.

Plastic License Plate Frame

Fast production and low price are the biggest advantages of plastic license plate frames. If you urgently need a batch of customized license plate frames, they will be your best choice.

Stainless Steel License Plate Frame

Stainless steel license plate frame is very durable and will not chip or rust. Since it will not rust, it will not corrode or damage the underside of the license plate frame, and will not cause damage to the car body.

Zinc Alloy License Plate Frame

The font color of the surface pattern can be according to customer requirements, good surface gloss, anti-corrosion, 3D three-dimensional design.


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